Q- What is your warranty?

We guarantee your new windshield will never leak for as long as you own the vehicle. As long as there is no rust or body damage, Chip repairs are guaranteed never to run, if a repair fails, Packerland will deduct the repair cost towards the replacement cost of your new Windshield

Q- How long have you been installing auto glass

Since 1990 (27 years)

Q- how big of a rock chip can you repair?

Rule of thumb, any chip bigger than a Quarter is borderline. We do not repair cracks. Repairs are still visible after a repair but almost always look better.

Q- After the Windshield installation, how long will my vehicle have to sit before I can drive it?

Sika Urethane is SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) rated in only one hour at Zero degrees. You can drive right away However, your vehicle will not be rated for a duel airbag collision until one hour after the installation

Q- What do you do with the old Windshield?

We get this one a lot, unfortunately no local waste management companies offer to recycle old Windshields so they end up in your local landfill.

Q- Do you install used glass?

We only install Brand New parts, If a customer has their own glass for example, from a salvage yard, We do at times, will install a furnished part with no warranty.

Q- Where is your shop located?

We are Mobile Only, our Mailing address is 1311 S Main St Rice Lake, WI However, We come to the vehicle via our State of the art rolling Auto Glass Shop.