Meet the Owner

Lance started in the Auto Glass Repair & Replacement industry shortly after his 4 year tour in the United States Marine Corps where he was an Infantry Mortarman from 1985-1989 . Born and raised in West Milton Ohio, Lance married his High School sweetheart Debbie in 1986. They have 2 wonderful children, Tyler and Jerra, and one grand baby, Levi.

In 2000, The Spitlers moved to Chetek, Wisconsin where Lance enjoyed summer vacations since he was 5 years old. This is where Lance's love for the Green Bay Packers all started and where Lance and Debbie wanted to raise their family.

It did not take long for Lance to realize the area was lacking in the "QUALITY" department when it came to the Auto Glass Business.

In September of 2007 Lance founded and opened PACKERLAND AUTO GLASS with a very simple concept, QUALITY. Quality Parts, Quality Materials, Quality Workmanship. Treat each and every vehicle like it is your own and treat each and every customer with respect.

In 2017 Lance and Debbie celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. Lance is an Avid Bow hunter, Musky angler and a certified PADI scuba Diver. When Lance isn't running his business, doing quality Windshield installations or spending time with his Bride, You will find him in the woods or on the water.

The Birth of Packerland Auto Glass

In February 2007 While working for a Large Glass company in the Chippewa Falls / Eau Claire Market, Lance Installed a Windshield for a Local Contractor, After the installation Lance noticed the Glass had a flaw in it, and instructed the Owner he would return on Monday with a new part.

On Monday the contractor called the Glass shop and informed them they needed the vehicle and would let them know when it would be available.

14 days later Lance returned with another part and was shocked to see that in Two Weeks the urethane seal was still very wet and didn't really begin to set up because of the cold. Lance simply pushed the windshield out with his hands, No tools were used.

"during this job I could not stop thinking how unsafe this Van was...even 14 days after the installation"

After the job was done... Lance drove back to the shop and informed the Owner of his findings...

Lance said to the Owner... "I am not comfortable installing with the cheap Urethane you are using, It is my name on every install I do for you, and I am asking as a Professional, Could you please switch to a better quality faster setting Urethane?"

The Owner of the Shop looked at Lance, Did not say a single word... He simply shrugged his shoulders turned his back and walked away.

That Night When lance arrived home, He said to his Wife... "I am opening my own Auto Glass Business" and in September of 2007 Packerland Auto Glass was Born.