Our professional technicians always wear gloves when your new windshield is set in place. We'll never allow oil from our hands to contaminate the fit of the windshield. You won't have to worry about a breach in the seal. Keep water and air out of the cabin, and the windshield should work properly during air bag deployment.

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The use of primer on the body of the vehicle is the most important step to installing a windshield correctly. Most inexperienced installers make a simple mistake that can take years off the life if your vehicle during this stage. It's almost impossible to remove a windshield without scaring the pinch weld of the vehicle.

If primer is not used to cover the scars, your vehicle will start to rust when it touches water immediately. We're not too lazy to apply primer to the pinch weld of the vehicle. In fact, our reliable staff primes every single job, and we use the best primer in the business. Avoid costly body work because of unnecessary rust!

Urethane is the adhesive that bonds the windshield to the vehicle. This tough seal keeps water and air from entering your vehicle. Urethane is the backbone of all installations. We use the very best urethane on the market. Safe drive away time for the product we use is only 45 minutes at zero degrees. Cheaper versions of this product take hours to cure and days to completely set up.

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In 2000, the ABC's 20/20 aired a special report on the safety of windshield installations. A reporter conducted an interview with an auto glass technician, and he reported that more auto glass installers "do it wrong, then do it right." Unfortunately this is true, however, at Packerland Auto Glass We do it Right, In fact our slogan says it all, "Done Right, Fair Price"

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We work with the highest attention to detail. Unfortunately, many steps that other technicians neglect are very easy steps. You can expect dedicated commitment from us. Our team is dedicated to safety. OUR HELPFUL EXPERTS NEVER CUT CORNERS IN THE INDUSTRY